Sunday 4 January 2015

Personalized name sticker for Brompton

Zoom Zoom always wanted to be famous.  And he has been nagging me to get him a name sticker.  He does not want to be any different from other Bromptons but all he wanted is to be easily identified.

I have seen many advertisements on Facebook about personalized bike frame sticker and they all seem to be reasonably priced. 

In my search I came upon this vendor in Ebay UK named "typo_lee".  I bought from him.  I don't know why.  His price of 5.29 pounds is not the cheapest nor the dearest.  At that price I was willing to take the risk.

One thing that won me over his advertisement is his mention that he has been in this business for 13 odd years and that he is not operating from a bedroom . That was a bit reassuring. 

Although I would have still bought from him even if he was operating from a bedroom.  I used to be one of those.  I use to sell through eBay and I was operating from a bedroom. 

For each order you get 4 personalized stickers and 4 flags.  Zoom zoom is desert sand in colour and I  was not sure what sticker colour would go well with his skin. I knew black would suit but black is my least favorite colour.  To me black is equal to grim.  So I ordered 2 black and 2 red stickers just in case I can avoid the black.  But in the end I have chosen the black over the red.  The font I ordered is font number 21 on his list and the typeface size is 20. I am very pleased.

The sticker arrived promptly in an unpretentious packaging.  It was in a plain letter size envelop, which is fine by me. It is just that nowadays when you buy online , the packaging seems to be more expensive that the item itself.   Inside the envelop is a 4 stickers, 4 flags and installation guide sheet.

The installation is quite easy but you just have to imagine it first to avoid error. Because if you make an error I think the adhesive would not be its best.

I bought the sticker in October 2014.   I checked eBay today 4 Jan 2015 and the vendor seems to be still there. 

This is not in anyway endorsing his product.  But I am very happy with it.  The service was also very good.  I find him very attentive and he answer queries promptly.  I actually ordered 2 sets of name sticker.  One for Zoom Zoom and one set for the other Brompton in our household.  So that means 8 stickers all in all.  However it arrived with 4 flags only. I send the vendor an email. He was very apologetic.  He sent me the missing flags straight away. 

I am very happy with the stickers and the service.  And Zoom Zoom is deliriously happy and very proud of his name sticker.

So if you are thinking of getting a name sticker for your beloved Brompton.  Give him a try.

May be when you order you could mention that you heard of him from London Brompton Club.  Who knows we might be able to build a bulk buying power in the future.  And if you want to make Zoom Zoom happy mention his name as well.

But if things go pear-shaped don't blame Zoom Zoom. 

Click here for the link to the vendors entry on eBay for this particular name sticker. Or if that link is no longer connected,

Click here for the vendor's eBay store. 

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