Wednesday 2 December 2015

Overshoes Scott AS Shoes Cover

Not another review, I hear you saying.  Yes, it is not a review. I am not an expert to scrutinize this product.  This is merely my own personal experience in using this overshoes.

Do you call it overshoes or shoes cover?  Whatever, let me call it an overshoes.
Scott overshoes and Specialized Rime shoes

This is my second, well actually  my third pair of overshoes since I started riding my Brompton bike. The very first pair I had, I bought from Aldi last winter.  It cost about £5 or £7.  It was good. It lasted the whole winter of 2014. This winter I bought another one, again from Aldi, because it was cheap, but I did not like it. Well I did not like the look of it.  It looked like an overshoes worn by Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon. It is not snugly fit.  Although I must admit it served its purpose. I still have it, but I doubt I will wear it again.   

Over the succeeding months, in my perpetual quest to look "cool", I finally decided to get a proper cycling shoes.  I bought a Specialized Rime Shoes, although, I have no intention of attaching a cleat yet. I am not confident yet.  I am not that cool yet.
Yeah, my cycling shoes without cleats. Not cool ?

I like this shoes and I like it to last, so I decided to get myself a better overshoes.

I was quite surprised that there are a lot of choices, but I ended up buying the Scott As Shoecover.  Below is the item description which I copied without permission directly from webpage. They will probably castigate me for doing so. 


An easy to use shoe cover with an outside zipper. The inside zipper flap helps keep the weather out while keeping your feet warm and dry

  • Shell: 88% polyamide 12% elastane
  • Shell insert: 100% neopren
  • Shoecover in bi-elastic fabric
  • Re-inforcement fabric on lower part
  • Preshaped for better fit
  • Left & Right laser cut label for easy use
  • Outside zipper location for easy use
  • Inside zipper flap to keep the weather out
  • Reflective Scott print for increased visibility
  • Small, Light and packable to fit into every pocket

Nicely packed.

Buying online has disadvantages.  You can not touch it. You can not smell it. But nevertheless I bought it because I thought it looks nice, neat and minimalist. It comes in 4 sizes.  Small (35-38), Medium (39-42), Large (43-46) and XLarge (47-50). Reference.  Since my shoes size ranges from 39 to 42, I opted for the Medium, which was spot on.

I wore this overshoes when we did the the Heathrow Airport Loop few weeks ago where part of the route was along the Grand Canal.  This was, I considered the most challenging ride I have ever experienced.  It was wet, and wet and very wet.  It was windy and raining.  We were virtually riding on water and thick mud.  
I like the reflective Logo

A week after that I joined another London Brompton Club ride where we traced the lost river of Effra. Again it was wet, windy and a lot colder.  It was about 6C.  

On both rides, the Scott AS Shoe Cover made my feet remained dry and comfortable.

So there you are, I highly recommend this overshoes.  The bit of downside thought is, it is not easy to put on.  But once it is on, it stays on.  


Pros:  Neat and minimalist look.
Cons:  Not easy to put on
Zoomzoom Rating:  5 out of 5 stars.  ( Zoom zoom only give one rating - that is 5 star )

But one thing I have not told you, the rides that I mentioned above, I was also wearing a waterproof socks.  I bought it from  Why?  Because they offer free postage and free return. 

There you are.  Highly recommended.  You must agree that I am now "cool".